We promote digitalization by making online services accessible to everyone in the most convenient way, ensuring the highest level of security and privacy.

In an expanding digital space, identity is everything

Digital transformation is essential for business growth while making a positive difference in people's daily lives. Technology enhances customer experience, creates equal opportunities for businesses of all sizes, boosts the economy, and vastly improves citizens communication with public institutions.

Digital Identity plays a key role in the broad adoption of digital technologies and defines how fast citizens engage with digital services.

"We live by the principle that easy access to online services must go hand in hand with robust security."

Innovation is what makes us different

Our cutting-edge solution is built on extensive technological know-how in cryptography, coupled with in-depth knowledge and exceptional experience in the field of identification and authentication.

9 patents support our innovations in these three key areas


Meet our leadership

Miroslav Řihák
Chief Executive Officer
Libor Neumann
Head of Development
David Řihák
Digital Identity Director