Universal Digital Identity

Next-gen identification and authentication for effortless digital life

Universal digital identity solution for every citizen to simply and securely access all public and private online services. eGovernment, Finance, eVoting, eHealth, Smart Cities, IoT, or Age Verification - all at the tap of a smartphone.


One App.
All Services.

Say goodbye to usernames and complicated passwords for every single online service you use. ADUCID brings you the one app you’ll ever need for all. We call it Peig.

Introducing Peig. The digital identity guardian.


Users download Peig to any device supporting iOS, Android, Windows or macOS.

Verify identity

Users verify their identity in-person or online and set-up their PersonalCodeTM - at least four symbols as a second factor for higher security.

Make authentication a breeze

From now on, users can access all of their online services, register new bank accounts from anywhere, have their age verified or even vote online.


Digital identity that's easy to implement

Integration Demo

Integration with no code, simple API, Java SDK or using standard web services. Try our Integration Demo and see how easy it is to implement ADUCID authentication into your service.

In this demo you start with a web application that uses username and password for user authentication. Next you will try and see for yourself how quickly you can migrate your users to strong authentication with ADUCID.


Everything you need to know about ADUCID. Our Wiki includes simple examples, architecture overview and code snippets.